TRINITY Festival takes place at the outdoor terrain of Autotron, located closely to the A2 highway.

This makes our festival extremely well accessible by car, bus and train.

The exact address is Graafsebaan 133, 5248 NL Rosmalen.

Date & time

TRINITY Festival takes place on Saturday the 11th of May 2024, from 12:00 to 23:00.

Running a little late? No worries, you can enter the event until 20:00.

Minimum age

The minimum age for TRINITY Festival is 18. That means you will need to be 18 years of age or older on the exact date of the event. Be sure to bring your ID, because there is a chance you will be asked to prove your age at the door.


Travel options

There are different ways to travel to TRINITY Festival. You can find all the options in the travel section.


Entrance tickets

Ticket sales for TRINITY Festival haven’t started yet. Make sure to keep a close eye on our website and socials for more info.


There is more than enough parking space at TRINITY Festival. Parking tickets can be bought in our Ticketshop or directly at the festival site.

Sold out / door sale

In case TRINITY Festival is not completely sold out, there will be tickets sold at the door.

TicketSwap is a ticketing partner which lets people sell their tickets for a fair price and in a secure way.

Ticket stolen

Has your ticket ben stolen? Then we kindly ask you to contact Paylogic through Be sure to include your order number and a proof of payment. Paylogic can block the ticket and send you a new one.

Printing & mobile

Tickets for TRINITY Festival can be both scanned on a printed ticket and on a mobile phone. When you choose printing, be sure to do this on an A4-format. It is not necessary to print your ticket in colour. Do you rather want to have your tickets scanned on your mobile phone? Be sure to put your phone’s brightness on 100%.

Can't find your ticket?

Be sure to follow this link. By filling in this form Paylogic will send the tickets to the email address you used when buying the tickets. Be sure to check your SPAM folder as well.

Still nothing? Make sure to contact Paylogic Customer Support.



There will be more than enough lockers available during TRINITY Festival. These are meant for storing your personal belongings safely. It is possible to visit your locker during the event.

Food & beverages

Obviously we spend a lot of time and care on our food and beverages at TRINITY Festival. It is not permitted to bring your own food and beverages into the event.

Coins / tokens

During TRINITY Festival you can both use pin and cash to purchase tokens.


Smoking is prohibited in tents and beneath shelters of any kind. This also goes for vapes and any other e-cigarettes.

There will be no cigarettes sold at the festival.

First aid

A special first aid team will be present during TRINITY Festival. The location is clearly marked on the event site. Besides that, several members of the medical staff will be walking around the even terrain.

Not feeling well? Be sure to visit the first aid, they will help you. Do you suspect someone of taking an overdose of drugs or consuming too much alcohol? Be sure to consult a member of the organization, security or the First aid team. They will make sure this person will receive medical assistance as quickly as possible.


There will be plenty of toilets and sinks for you to wash your hands, during TRINITY Festival. There are several toilets in the foyer, as well as in the front of the main area, both of the left and the right of the stage.

TRINITY Festival also contains a disability bathroom.


A merchandise stand will be present during TRINITY Festival. It offers a variety of fans, t-shirts, hearing protection, gum and cigarettes.


Drugs & weapons

TRINITY Festival has a zero tolerance policy. This means that visitors are prohibited to bring any forms of drugs, weapons or sharp objects into the festival.


Concerning safety issues, it is not permitted to bring any kind of liquids into the event. This also applies to deodorant, deodorant-sticks, hairspray etc.)


When you are using medication and you wish to bring it into the event, don’t forget to bring your doctor’s certificate. Without an official doctor’s certificate you will not be able to bring the medication into the event. Security will check your certificate at the entrance.

Photo & Video

Digital photo- and videocameras, like a GoPro, are allowed at TRINITY Festival. Websites or companies who wish to shoot professional photo or video footage need to request access beforehand. Selfie-sticks are strictly prohibited during TRINITY Festival.


Promotion for other events is strictly forbidden inside or outside Landsard Beach. For advertising possibilities, we advise you to contact Dance Promo or the organization.

Lost & found


During and after TRINITY Festival the organization will collect all lost items. If you have lost your passport, ID, driver’s license, phone, keys or any other personal belonging, we kindly ask you to visit the locker booth or contact the organization.


Found something? It’s amazing to see that people like yourself still exist out there. During TRINITY Festival you can hand in all lost objects at the locker booth. They will make sure every lost object will return to its rightful owner as soon as possible.


Press accreditation

For press accreditation requests we kindly ask you to contact us through the contact form. Websites / companies who wish to bring (semi-)professional equipment are obligated to request this prior to the event.